Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sexy Hot Swedish Women - Elita Lofblad

Sexy Hot Swedish Women - Elita Lofblad

Sexy Hot Swedish Women - Elita Lofblad

Elita Lofblad is an amazingly sexy Swedish model and reality show actress. Elita was actually born in Chile, but she made her way to Sweden as quickly as she possibly could. This is amazing because the two types of women that I think are the most sexy and most beautiful are Latin women and Swedish women. Here, you really have a mixture of the two. She was first noticed when she appeared on the Big Brother Sweden and Norway edition. After that, she posed several times for Playboy magazine. They liked her so much that she then starred in a few Playboy porn movies. She has also appeared in the Swedish Slitz and Moore magazines.

This picture is unusually sexy. You can see her latin roots (literally). She has jet black hair that has been dyed blonde. She definitely is looking at you with those “Come Fuck Me” eyes of hers. Of course they could also be saying, “Look, boys because you’ll never have this”. Then, with her arched back, you get a very nice view of her beautiful large breasts. Their covered with a bikini top, but you get the idea. Then, you can see that she has a tiny waist and sexy legs in stockings.

One hot sexy Mamita!

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