Monday, December 21, 2009

Sexy Hot Swedish Women - Elin Grindemeyer

Swedish Women Photos - Elin Grindemeyer

Sexy Hot Swedish Women Photos - Elin Grindemeyer

You know, some men like the Spanish or other Latin women and claim that they are the sexiest women in the world, but it’s pictures like this one that proves that the Swedes have it over any other group of girls. Elin Grindemeyer is a Swedish model that has graced the cover of many a man’s magazine. Her first appearance was on the Swedish Men’s magazine Slitz and in 2005, she was voted sexiest Swedish woman by the readers of that magazine.

She’s 26 years old and just stupid sexy. She has beautiful breasts, a tight little body, and a playful spirit that just shines through. Of course she has the blonde hair that have made Swedish women so amazingly famous. She also has these hazel eyes that look right through you. This girl is gorgeous. There’s just no way around it.

In this picture, she’s not wearing a top and all that she is wearing is a G-string. You can see her tiny frame and her perfectly sculpted ass.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sexy Hot Swedish Women - Most Beautiful Women

Sexy Hot Swedish Women - Most Beautiful

Sexy Hot Swedish Women - Most Beautiful Women

I'm not even sure if this blonde bombshell is from Sweden, but she was featured on a "Most Beautiful Women in the world" article where the most beautiful women came from, you guessed it, Stockholm, Sweden. The article describes how Sweden has more beautiful women than anywhere else. They described it as you will walk into a convenience store and feel you just stepped into a reality TV show for all the hot women around you.

This photo shows a young, sexy, blond haired, blue eyed harlot that is just... well... hot.

Not really much more to say.
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